Fools Day Fools fooled by Bristlebane

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We survived Fools day, which for this year I think is an achievement in itself. 

Everyone was excited about the GM Event evolving around Bristlebane, not sure what to expect making it even more interesting as everyone was theory crafting what will be going on.

After we got the official GO for the event, everyone was scrambling to get to their targets. And in targets meaning little (or humongous) Bristlebanes spread around the continents of Norrath.

For us the goal was to skewer some dragons in VP, hoping for no competition and some fun, relaxed and quiet raiding at least for the start of the event.

Silverwing, cloaked inside Bristlebane got pulled, slain within a minute and when we saw the loot, most of us went silent in awe. 

Really, NToV & Vulak loot of one of the easier mobs? Or we just got lucky?

More mobs got slayen and fell to our underwhelming forces

And the loot kept rolling in 

The evening peaked at Vulak as an Open Raid, were one of our members even got a (working) Guise of the Deceiver, grats Miralupa!!!

Before I forget, we took a shot at LTK together with Castle, got trained and leapfrogged by Kingdom as usual and what followed was one of the most hilarious fights ever unfolding in TOV. LTK, including gate & CH mechanics, intended or not had no mercy on the leapfroggers, leaving them without loot and a slap in the face. 

The evening or morning ended in laying Tunare to our feet. What an event. Grats to the GM's for maybe the most successful and fun event ever on Green P99.

Quotes of the Foolz Day


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