• Monday, 17. June 2024 13:43

New Friendships


We've been doing daily Vindis with our new friends, CASTLE.
It's like having a new dance partner... we've been learning each others' strengths and weaknesses.
And it was one of those RARE Saturday 7AM Quakes that got us teaming up for multiple targets!
We killed Severilous, Dain, Yelinak, Eashen, Aaryonar, Vyemm, Lady M, Koi, Jorlleag, Gozzrem, LTK, Wuoshi, and ended once again with a Vindi.

But Safe Space isn't just about raiding, raiding, raiding...
Every now and then, we let our members (even our leaders) express their creative side.
Here's 1 of them attempting to compose the next No. 1 song in Norrath.

And until our resident news writer comes back, keep collecting photos!

Signing off, BP


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