• Wednesday, 29. March 2023 13:14

MORE Dragon Meat - Vulak Down, Vulak Down


It has been only a question of time, but with an unbelievable late night effort, Safe Space together with Kingdom and Castle pushed Vulak to his feet. Congrats to all on this mighty effort. 



--- And it shall rain loot ---

Congrats to HEAL on his new Shield, and as we heard, one of 6 existing on this server after 69 kills. 

And of course, lots of other stuff is going on. . Not that we are running out of stuff to do. We are bringing all of our members & alts closer to their Epics, and of course more greater loot hrhr. 


And Grats Syras to his Dain Ring

Favorite Quotes of Shinko

And please don't forget, Safe Space is still recruiting :) We have a healthy team during all timezones. Just send a tell to one of our members for interest and more info!


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